The Big Island of Hawaii is a destination that people from all over the world hope to come and experience. So, we figured there would be lots of musicians travelling for Vacation and Work. That's why we decided to cater to musicians of all levels and provide a range of rental items for our customers while vacationing or gigging!



Our most popular rentals are our Guitars! If you are a player who has just started hitting their stride and making progress, BUT you are going away for a vacation for a couple of weeks. Wouldn't you want a guitar you can rent while in Hawaii so you can keep your chops up?! Maybe you are a professional needing some gear on the Big Island and you would like to avoid taking your instrument on the very long journey across the Pacific ocean. If you are just like the musicians I've mentioned above or fall anywhere in between, give us call or email through the website to reserve a guitar for your stay. Acoustic and Electric Guitars available. Please email or call us for availability.

Guitar Level 1 (intermediate level quality)= $18/day, $25/3days, $49/week, or $120/month.

Guitar Level 2 (Professional level quality) = $50/day, $100/3days, $175/week. Any renters interested in longer rentals of these instruments need to email us


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Another option available to traveling professionals as well as event coordinators is renting guitar or bass amps for your gig or event. Are you are a traveling musician that needs a Fender Twin for a gig but can't lug your gear across the Pacific? Maybe you're a sound guy who has specific request for a Fender Tube amp? Or an Event coordinator needing an acoustic amp for an outdoor wedding ceremony? Give us a call or send us and email to see what we have available for your event!

2 Channel Acoustic Amplifier(one vocal/one instrument) = $45/day

Large Tube Electric Guitar Amplifier(30-100w, 2x12 combo at least) = $75-100/day

Large Electric Bass Rig(350w-600w, 1x15, 2x12 or 4x10 speaker cab) = $75-100/day

Small Tube Electric Guitar Amplifier(15w-40w, 1x12, 2x10 combo) = $40-75/day

Small Electric Bass Combo Amplifier(150w) = $45/day

Effects Pedals: Call or email us to see whats available to rent.




Our last offering for rentals on the Big Island of Hawaii is small to mid sized PA Systems.

We have systems for small public meetings, small office parties or smaller(100-225 pax) weddings, birthdays or community events. We have systems starting at $100/day.

Please contact us via phone or email to inquire about availability or to reserve for your event!