GEAR DEMO! FIrst vid for the store's youtube channel.


Big Island Guitars making their Youtube debut. Bringing a little overdrive pedal comparison video.

Featured in the video is the 35th anniversary Ibanez TS9(made in Japan)  and the Bogner Wessex overdrive(made in Los Angeles, CA).  For the video we used an Ibanez Analog delay Mini at the end of the signal chain.  

This was my setup for the video:

Fender AVRI Hot Rod '62 Strat > Ibanez TS9 > Bogner Wessex > Ibanez Analog Dleay > Fender Blues Deluxe Tube amp(reverb on - EQ set at 5 - Volume at 3/4)

Hope you guys enjoy the vid! If you do...Like, Comment or subscribe and I'll keep cranking these out. As we get into doing these I plan to improve the quality of the production.

Thanks for your support!